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About us

Da Luz Collective is a collective of curators, born in 2017, which is interested in the aspects of artistic and visual criticism in contemporary art production. Da Luz usually works with artists who are using videos, photography and light installations aiming to show and enhance new artworks. Da Luz, which in Portuguese means “of light”, is also meant as “bringing light on” something which is unclear or unspoken yet.

To look through and beyond the artworks. To understand the critical attitude of the visual. To project a spotlight on young artists. These are the main ideas driving Da Luz Collective. Its name, indeed, outlines the attention for the imperceptible (the word Luz / Light) that fascinates the curators. Da Luz Collective realizes exhibitions, projections and events inviting, when possible, the artists and the spectator for an engaging conversation to share ideas and discuss the works.


Da Luz Collective is composed by three young curators, each one with a different background: Filippo De Tomasi is a Ph.D. candidate at Nova University of Lisbon, whose research is about the relationship between contemporary art and photography; Kasia Sobczak - Wróblewska is an independent curator and manager of Contemporary Art Tours Lisbon, mainly working with visual arts, especially installations and site-specific art;

Mattia Tosti is a curador and a researcher – his research investigates politics, new media and contemporary art; and Orsola Vannocci Bonsi, project manager of Festival dos Espaços dos Artistas (FEA) – a festival of exhibitions in artist run and independent spaces – she is interested in cultural identity, politics, conflict and its translation into art.




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