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Focus Yuri Ancarani
8th and 9th April 2022, 9:30pm
Sala 3, Cinema São Jorge, Lisbon

Minimal staging, no professional actors, pounding music or long silences, contrasting colours and sharp framing: these are some of the aspects mesmerizing the spectators when watching the films of Yuri Ancarani, one of the most internationally acclaimed contemporary Italian artists and directors. His works enchant us at the same time as they abstract us from the flow of our daily lives. Ancarani takes us into real worlds that are hidden, omitted or simply ignored: whether that of the teenagers of the Venetian lagoon (Atlantide, 2021), trance rituals in Haiti (Whipping Zombie, 2017), or the opulence concerning falconry in Qatar (The Challenge, 2016).

8.09 | 9.30 pm | Sala 3 | Cinema São Jorge | Lisbon
Screening of Whipping Zombie and The Challenge
Ticket available on Ticketline: here

9.09 | 9.30 pm | Sala 3 | Cinema São Jorge | Lisbon
Portuguese première of Atlantide
Ticket available on Ticketline: here

Atlantide (2021)
Atlantide (2021)
Whipping Zombie (2017)
The challenge (2016)
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