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Opening 9th April, 8pm

10th, 11th and 12th of April from 6.30pm

Sala 2, Cinema São Jorge, Lisbon


During the 11ª Festa do Cinema Italiano of 2018, in Cinema São Jorge, Da Luz Collective presents Patafísica Italiana - jovens videoartistas, a video projection in loop on the 9th of April at 8pm and at 10th, 11th and 12th starting from 6:30pm.


Patafísica italiana can be imagined as a little ‘’window to the world’’, in a reference between representation and imagination, which allows to frame the research and the works recently developed  by some young italian artists: WHAT TIME IS LOVE? of Anna Franceschini, Portuguese premiere; Untitled (Misteri d’Italia) and An inaccurate distance of Giovanni Giaretta; C’est la vie of Simone Rovellini, Onde of Francesco Bertocco, Storie di fantasmi per adulti of Diego Marcon and Forte di Pozzacchio/Valmorbia Werk of Giacomo Raffaelli.


The projection is accompanied by the video of one of the most well-known Italian contemporary artist: Yuri Ancarani. The video chosen for this projection is Il Capo (2010), which is part of the trilogy The Malady of Iron, in which he analyzes the alienating relationship of the human/ machine work. It is a project which relates to our idea of pataphysics, as a case-specific determination – the context of the video is the marble extraction in Carrara – in a balance of forces between vision, touch and hearing, where the characters are subjected to the orders of the chief, immersed in a landscaping atmosphere of rare beauty, creating a unique and sublime situation.


Patafísica italianajovens videoartistas is but a perspective selected by the curators for this exhibition, which reflects a deeper existence: how can we rethink the articulation between reality and fiction? How should we consider the small phenomena surrounding us? What is the relation amidst these phenomena and the world we live in?




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