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10th and 11th of April from 8.00pm

Sala 2, Cinema São Jorge, Lisbon

As part of the 12th Festa do Cinema Italiano, the curatorial collective Da Luz Collective presents Vista d’arte, a two-day program of projections, which develops around two themes. The first session Para além da obra (Beyond the work) includes reflections around the aesthetic relations between the art of the past and contemporary researches. Then the second Em frente da obra (Facing the work) has a stronger socio-political dimension, considering situations such as the relations with the territory and the current condition of migratory flows. Thus, Vista d’arte is intended as an articulation of two possible significant contemporary discourses, aiming to divulge works of moving images in the Portuguese context.


Para além da obra | 10th of April, 8pm

In the late nineties, Rosalind Krauss (1999) identifies the video (and television) as a medium able to include all the others - painting, sculpture, photography, etc..  Therefore, with the videos selected for the first session, we identify a common denominator in the deconstruction of concepts and issues related to modern and contemporary artworks. Thus we are presenting the works by Francesca Fini, with Skinned (2018), the artistic duo MASBEDO with Fragile (2016), Patrizio di Massimo with Ritratto dell'artista da vecchio / Portrait of the artist as an old man (2012) and Roberto Fassone and Valeria Mancinelli with The Importance of Being Context (2014).


Em frente da obra | 11th of April, 8pm

According to Boris Groys, “being contemporary means being involved in the politics of one’s own time” (2017). Thus, the second session proposes a reflection around contemporary issues related, on the one hand, to a consciousness connected to the territory, and, on the other, to the phenomenon of diversity and social integration. These reflections are transposed in the recent works of video art through the use and the experimentation of its own language, and among them we selected Intervallo (2009) by Alterazioni Video, Oysters of Naturalization  (2019) by Domenico Mangano and Marieke van Rooy, and MUM, I’M SORRY (2017) by Martina Melilli.


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